Freshminds Is Proud to Be an Official Facebook Marketing Partner

Freshminds is excited to announce that we’ve been selected by Facebook as a Marketing Partner, a major milestone that officially sets Freshminds as one of the top Facebook marketing agencies worldwide.

According to the Head of Technology and Innovation, Freshminds Group, Choice Arukwe, Freshminds Digital Marketing Consulting Agency being an Official Facebook Partner, now has access to exclusive resources, tools, and agency support from Facebook to drive even greater results for our paid social clients.

As Facebook explains on their partner site, “Facebook Marketing Partners are painstakingly vetted by Facebook not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success“.

The designation is a reflection of the Freshminds Paid Social team’s track record of excellence in driving success for clients across Facebook and Instagram, as well as our deepening relationship with Facebook itself.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’re now even better positioned to offer you more powerful and user-friendly solutions to ensure the successful execution of your Facebook marketing strategy.

This partnership gives us access to:

Greater service for our clients
Pre-launch access to product alphas and betas
Direct access to live support with product and technical specialists

Advanced training resources directly from Facebook
Access to Facebook agency analytical tools and reports

As the Freshminds Digital Marketing Consulting Agency team continues to grow and evolve, we’ll offer even greater support & innovation to our social clients by leveraging the most sophisticated partner tools available, and most importantly, our deepening relationship and collaboration with Facebook.

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