Steps On How To Make Money While Blogging

how to make money blogging

Nowadays, blogging has gone beyond the usual online gossip, information sharing, and fun activity to a lucrative source of passive income.

The massive change can be attributed to the increasing demand of online information by mobile phones and computer users.

As a blogger, you can earn money online while blogging. This is possible by monetizing your blog.

While as an experienced blogger, you might be aware of some key information about blogging, this article will highlight the necessary details that every blogger must know.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a type of website that is dynamic. A blog is dynamic because it requires a regular update of its content and information base.

Unlike other static websites that might not require a content update for an extended period, a blog can be updated on a daily, weekly basis or as the blog owner decides.

Who Is A Blogger?

A blogger is a term used to refer to blog owners or blog writers. Contrary to some schools of thought, bloggers are not gossips or irresponsible.

Bloggers play a vital role in keeping the world informed and educated, especially in this information age.

How Do I Start a Blog and Earn Money Online?

Starting a blog is easy, affordable, and even cheap in most cases, but if you are planning on monetizing your blog in the future, I recommend avoiding the free blogs.

Running a paid blog is very cheap and easy, depending on your choice of technology. To start and run a successful blog, you must follow the steps below;

Chose a Niche That Has The Potentials To Earn Money Online

Selecting a niche is the most difficult and important stages of starting a blog. If you must run a successful blog, then you must get it right at this stage.

When choosing a niche to blog about, most bloggers make the grave mistake of going for what they feel will be convenient for them.

From experience, the best niche to blog about should be what people are searching for online. When you write content that solves people’s problems, you can drive tons of traffic to your blog.

Here are some of the lucrative and exciting niches.

  • Health and fitness
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Sports

I must warn that the above is not an exhaustive list of lucrative niches. You can research to find out the best niche for yourself if you must earn money online as a blogger.

Remember this when selecting a niche, you make millions when you solve the problems of millions of people.

Select a Domain Name

A domain name is the name of your website. You must be careful to select the best domain that represents your brand and your niche. It is recommended that you choose a name that suggests your niche.

For example, the domain name suggests that it’s a tech blog, while the name indicates that it is a blog for phones.

When choosing the best domain for your blog, you consider the following factors if you intend to earn money online from your blog;

  • The name must represent your brand and niche.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Your domain name must be easy to remember.
  • If possible, the domain should contain a keyword in your niche.
  • You must choose the appropriate domain extension. E.g. .com, .org etc.

Once a domain name is decided, check for its availability and go ahead to register it for yourself before another person does so.

Design and Host the Blog

After choosing a domain name, your next line of action will be to design, deploy, and host your blog online.

If you know about web development, then this should be an issue at all for you. Else, you must consider employing the services of a web developer.

You don’t have to freak out as I know a web developer that can help you design and deploy a fantastic blog below $200.

Post Rich Contents

Congratulations on making it to this stage. But I must also inform you that the only way to grow your blog is by writing or posting valuable content.

Carefully research every keyword before developing a topic around it. The good news here is that you can hire an SEO Blog Content Writer to write content for you for as low as $5.

Implement Search Engine Optimization

It is not enough to have a blog, especially with the numerous updates being rolled out by search engines such as Google.

Optimizing a blog has gone beyond writing content and sharing them on social media. To drive traffic to your blog, you must optimize your blog pages, posts, and also implement measures that will bring you search engine traffics.

Again, to get this sorted out, you should consider engaging the services of an SEO Expert.

Announce Your Blog

It is not enough to write content and post them on your blog. For a new blog, you must make an effort to distribute or share your posts.

Sharing your posts all over the internet helps you to reach your potential audience and readers. Also, social share improves blog visibility and brand dominance.

You can create social media profiles or channels where you can share your blog post as soon as they are created and posted on your blog.

Earn Money Online With Your Blog

Monetizing a blog is a big deal for most bloggers. This is the stage where you reap the fruits of your labor and the benefits of your investments.

As easy as this might seem, you must be careful, the monetization process must be done correctly to earn money online.

There are several ways to earn money from your blog, but we have collected the best ways to make the most income as a blogger.

#1. AdSense – Use Google AdSense to Earn Money Online

Google AdSense is one easy way to earn money online as a blogger. Through the AdSense program, Google allows publishers (blog owners) to display ads on its website for a commission.

Your blog should be generating an appreciable volume of traffic to gain more from AdSense.

Your earnings are directly proportional to the number of visitors that come to your blog. We strongly recommend implementing quality On-page and Off-Page SEO because your traffic volume depends on it.

#2. Affiliate Marketing – Use Affiliate Links to Earn Money Online

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money online as a blogger. You can monetize your blog by promoting other people’s products on your blog. You can earn as much as $4,000 in a month promoting affiliate links.

If you intend to go into affiliate marketing, you may consider the following;

#3. Native Ads

Native ads are a very lucrative way to earn money online as a blogger. You can make a fortune by displaying ads banners of multinational companies or corporate bodies on your blog.

To attract such companies, you have to attain some level of brand dominance and traffic volume. This, of course, still boils down to having quality content and SEO plan.


Monetizing a blog isn’t a day process. It takes time and consistency to build. The good news is that it doesn’t require a fortune to start a blog. With a budget below $200, you can start a blog in your desired niche.