How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Blog

WordPress Theme

Are you new to blogging or an experienced blogger? Are you trying to choose the best WordPress blogging themes for your blog?

If yes, then this is just the right place for you. There are tons of WordPress blogging themes out there which makes it difficult to choose the right theme for your style.

In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes to guide you in making the right decision for your blog.

Laying the Right Foundation

Starting a WordPress blog is beyond choosing the right theme, it also involves hosting your blog on the right platform and also choosing the best domain name.

There are lots of hosting companies and domain registrars out there to pick from, but you must exercise great caution when doing so.

Most importantly, here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best domain registrar and web hosting provider.

  1. Zero downtime
  2. Easy and friendly user interface
  3. Responsive 24 hours of customer support
  4. Cheap and cost-effective services

Like I said already, there are tons of hosting providers out there, but for me, and as a web developer, I have been using Namecheap Shared Hosting and Domain Registration for my websites and all my clients for over 3 years now without issues.

They offer a free Domain and SSL for every Shared Hosting purchased.

There is hardly a downtime and if I am having any difficulties, I quickly get help from the support team in a few minutes. I strongly recommend you give them a try.

Now, back to choosing the right theme, there are several free themes as well as premium themes to use for your blog.

We have handpicked some of the WordPress themes that you can choose from. These themes are were chosen because they satisfy the following areas that affect the ranking and growth of a blog.

  1. Fast page load time
  2. AMP – mobile responsiveness
  3. SEO optimization

Free WordPress Blogging Themes

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Astra free theme is fully customizable. It is a perfect fit for personal blogs, business blogs, portfolios and also e-commerce websites. Also, it works very well with all the WordPress page builders and editors out there. It’s easy to customize.

It is a very light theme with several colour options and features.

Ocean WP
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Known as one of the most popular WordPress blogging themes, Ocean WP theme, though free, comes with tons of features that are mostly found in premium themes.

It has its own compatible plugins and page builder, and it prompts you to install them upon activating the theme. It has its own companion plugin and recommends installing a free page builder plugin upon activation.

Also, the WordPress theme can be used for any type of websites such as blogs, portfolios, and even e-commerce.

In addition, the theme is super flexible and can be customized to suit your style. It supports multiple pages, navigation menus, custom logo, sidebars and other interesting features.

Free WordPress Blogging Themes

Bento is a multi-purpose and powerful blog theme. It is packed with lots of free features and functionalities. It is compatible with most WordPress page editor or builder and recommends installing one upon activation.

Bento is flexible and highly customizable, you can modify the fonts, colours, styles and appearance to meet your needs and style.

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The ribosome WordPress theme is the right free theme for magazine WordPress blogs. It allows header, and background customization, also the theme offers several colour options and styles.

Amongst other amazing features, it comes with a single navigation menu, a sidebar, and social media links on the top bar.

At the beginning and end of each blog post, Ribosome offers 2 widgets for displaying ads or related post and also comes with six different Google Fonts.

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Featuring a 2-column layout and a full-width header area, Hemingway is a clean and free WordPress blog theme for blogs, portfolios and eCommerce websites.

It supports a customizable colour, logo upload, widgets, and page templates.  These features and functionalities can easily be edited and set up.

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Specifically designed for professionals such as writers, bloggers and businesses, Fascinate is a free beautiful WordPress blog theme.

It is one of the WordPress blogging themes that use beautiful typography, elegant colour schemes, and an eye-catching featured slider.

What Is The Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog?

As easy as it might seem, choosing the best theme for your blog can be tricky and frustrating especially when you are not aware of the indicators to look out for.

Most blog owners do the mistake of choosing themes based on sentiments and appearance. Although appearance and beauty matters, care must be taken so as not to be deceived.

In addition, some bloggers’ theme choosing decision is influenced by the budget. They do the mistake of going for themes not because they the best match but because they are cheap or even free.

Now, to choose the best WordPress blob theme for your blog, you should consider the following.

  1. Your niche – nowadays, WordPress themes are developed to suit a peculiar niche. They come with easy to edit templates for a specific niche or profession. Themeforest is a good platform that provides themes tailored to specific niches.
  2. The design – a theme design is a very critical factor to consider when choosing a theme for your blog. You should make sure that the theme is designed to be mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and has a fast page load time.
  3. Bug fixing and support – again, the rate of bug fixing and update is also a critical factor to consider. WordPress themes and other tools are bound to experience bugs and snaps when being used, but the frequency and speed at which the developer fixes these issues matters a lot.
  4. Customer reviews – amazingly, by just taking a look at the number of sales and client feedback on a part theme can give you an insight into how much the theme is faring. From these reviews, you should be able to gain valuable information on your choice of WordPress Theme for your blog.

How to Change Blog Theme on WordPress

Changing a blog theme on WordPress is an easy process. It can be achieved within a few minutes and with a few clicks.

Follow the steps when changing WordPress blogging themes.

  1. Login to the WordPress admin dashboard
  2. On the left pane, hover your cursor on the Appearance Menu
  3. Click on themes
  4. Click on Add New
  5. Search for or upload any WordPress theme of your choice and click on Activate to activate the theme