5 Reasons Why You Need To Keep Advertising

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Have you ever wondered why big brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola and many others still commit so much into advertising? They are made already, they have their brand names on the lips of everyone; everybody knows them, but yet still they advertise their products.

Advertising is not just getting your products in the face of people to see. it is much more than that, to reap its full benefits, you have to fully understand the need for you to advertise, and master the art of continued advertising.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a marketing tactic that involves paying for a space to promote a product or service. So far, it is the best way to communicate to customers about the availability of various brands and variety of products useful to them in the market.

Below are the reasons you need not only to advertise but to continue advertising.

1. To Generate Targeted Leads

Getting targeted leads is one wish every industry desires, having targeted leads saves you that extra time and money that you’ll spend in the convincing process.

One of the ways advertising is beneficial to businesses is that it allows them the feature of targeting the kind of leads they want, the ones that get converted almost immediately. 

Target options include age range, location, occupation, cultural background and many others.

If for instance you are selling jewelries and accessories on your store, it will be easy for you to target fashion lovers whose outfit isn’t complete without accessories, with specific age range, race, economic status and location.

By creating adverts to targeted audiences, you will be able to generate not just any leads but quality leads.

2. It Helps Customers Soothe Their Needs

Advertisement is not panned out for businesses alone, in fact it plays a very important role in the life of a consumer.

Most people buy a product or patronize a service shortly after they become aware of its availability in the market.

Another category of people that exist are those that fully realize their need for a particular brand or service after they come across it in an advert.

Coming up with brand adverts means you are helping these categories of consumers become aware of the availability of your product, thereby soothing their needs.

This invariably means that no matter how great and valuable your brand actually is, it won’t be recognized by customers without any form of advertisement. 

3. Adverts Create Brand Awareness

If your target audience doesn’t know or trust your brand, how are they likely to purchase something from a brand they have never seen or heard of before?

How will you increase your customer base and sales? What better way exist other than through adverts?

The journey starts with creating awareness, then driving consideration and finally closing a sale. Display ads help in these steps, by pushing your product or service ad in front of every screen you target. 

 4. Wider Audience Coverage

Businesses are on social media for a pretty singular reason, to connect with an ever-widening audience and thereby get new customers.

How they do that, or rather, how well they do that is the difference between an account that sits with a low or static readership and one that has an ever increasing number of visitors.  

In digital marketing, advertising through various platforms allows you the option of choosing the range of audience you want your adverts to reach, both locally or internationally. 

5. Brand Credibility

Over 50% of individuals purchase a product or service after going through testimonials and positive feedback or remarks from existing customers, from time to time, more customers get to trust your brand thereby affirming your brand credibility. 

Incumbent businesses and products can be hard to unseat. Big companies tend to stay dominant, until younger challengers get the better of them. But those competitors need to first establish credibility as a viable alternative by getting their brand known.

Advertising gets your brand out there for your target audience to see and relate with.


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