5 Things You Need To Do To Get The Best Out of The Online World

5 Things You Need To Do To Get The Best Out of The Online World

“The online world has come to stay, please embrace it for your good”

The internet and the World Wide Web is the best wonder produced by human ingenuity after the invention of electricity by Michael Faraday. Please, this assertion is mine.

One of the greatest advantages of the digital age is the collapse of time. The collapse of time allows a post made by someone in Lagos, Nigeria to be seen at the real-time by someone in Ontario, Canada. This collapse of time leads to the speed of information. A post made by someone on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can be seen by millions of people around the world at rea;-time and within a short period of time.

In his research paper, The Impact of New Media on Society, Ciacu Nicoleta said that the spread of information in the online world is theoretically infinite. In simple words, like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (apologies non-science students), it is difficult to estimate accurately the number of people that can see a retweet, repost, and a shared post.


Have An Open Mind

Social media is not evil, it is not a platform for jobless people. I know there are some unscrupulous people on social, that shouldn’t be an excuse for outright condemnation. It is like saying because of street urchins, you can’t start a business in a community.

According to Facebook, 26 Million Nigerian logs into Facebook every month. 25 Million of these access Facebook through their mobile phone. This is more than the combined population of Sweden, Croatia, Jamaica and Namibia. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a community, utilize it!

Get The Knowledge

Nobody learns digital marketing and social media advertising in one day. The learning process is intensive and iterative. A lot of coaching and supervising is absolutely needed. Understanding the Facebook and Google algorithm takes time. Invest time and resources to learn the basics like audience research, customer profiling and segmentation, content development, search engine optimization, email marketing and digital branding. There is more to digital marketing and social media advertising that posting images. Getting the real knowledge pays off in the long run.

Invest Money in Advertising

Inasmuch as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allowed you to create accounts for free doesn’t mean that advertising is free. To reach more people, you have to spend more money. These platforms are not run by NGOs. In fact, without proper audience research, you can make these platforms without getting value in return for your money. This is why the help of a professional is the key to success. In addition to your recurrent expenses, create a budget for online advertising, it is for your good.

Invest Time

Getting the desired results on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter take time. Some businesses want to get instant ROI on the initial advertising campaign. Having a large following is not success guaranteed. Building a genuine audience will help you in the long run.

Have you seen someone on Instagram with 10K followers having 10 likes, 3 comments in a single post, whereas another with 1K followers is having 150 likes, 26 comments? This is a clear difference between having organic and inorganic followers. Create good contents, it will attract the right audience that will likely convert.

Be Consistent

We all know that consistency is the key to success. Some people will check up on you for a long time before they finally engage with you. Being inconsistent shows makes you look unserious. Post regularly, some business need to post up to 5-17 times per day. People visit these digital platforms every day, they need to hear from you.

In addition to that, we live in an era of information overload where our attention span is reducing, and many contents are jumping at us every day. It is only engaging and consistent contents that will win this war of attention.

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