Optimizing Consumer Experience With User Value

Optimizing consumer experience

Facebook optimizes the experience for consumers because showing them high quality, relevant ads make them more willing to engage with advertisers in the future.

Across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, Facebook optimize the experience for people by matching them with ads that are the most relevant to them.

When your ad has a high user value, it means your ad is relevant to your target audience, which will help to boost its total value ranking in the auction. But don’t get it twisted, having a higher value is one thing, its measurement is another ball game.

Over the years, Facebook has demonstrated its commitment to making sure that Ads delivery whether is for a particular target audience or a lookalike audience stays relevant. Here’s how Facebook measures user value when serving ads.

Measuring user value

If you know your audience well, your ads will likely exhibit solid targeting and relevant content. As a result, we expect them to have a higher user value because people will want to see them.

All else being equal, ads with higher user value will lead to greater delivery and lower costs. Conversely, ads with lower user value will lead to less delivery and higher costs. So next time you run an Ad on Facebook and witness poor results, bear in mind that Facebook user experience played a huge role in the Ad delivery.

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