How Facebook and Instagram Display Your Ad To People

Facebook and Instagram

In recent times, Facebook and Instagram ads have proven to be the most used advertising tool for many small businesses looking to reach a wider audience with a budget that would not hurt the pocket. However, the question has always been tethered towards how the advertising budget is spent. There are three ways Facebook and Instagram deliver your ads to the chosen audience you selected; you can find them below.

Budget Pacing

Facebook shows your ad to valuable people throughout your campaign lifetime rather than exhaust your budget within a few hours. This is done by

  • Your budget is depleting too fast – the bid is reduced
  • Spending just right – keep bid where it is.
  • The spend on the budget is slow – the bid is increased

Bear in mind that achieving great result using this budget pattern takes time.

Types of Facebook Call To Action

Standard delivery

Standard delivery is designed to spend your budget evenly over the duration of the campaign using a method called discount pacing. Under this method, Facebook lowers your bid to a level that will just spend your budget over the campaign duration so that you can capture more opportunities at more efficient costs. This type of delivery setting is hugely recommended for many businesses looking to maintain a specific budget plan with good result.

Accelerated Delivery

Accelerated delivery spends budget as quickly as possible by entering every opportunity under your bid cap into the auction. This favours quick spend over maintaining your cost per result. With accelerated delivery, it is possible to exhaust your budget before your scheduled campaign ends. Advertisers with bigger budgets who want to reach people quickly or with time-sensitive campaigns should consider using accelerated delivery.

When next you are about to run an Ad either on Instagram or Facebook, have in mind these ad delivery patterns will play a huge role in the desired outcome of your campaign.