How To Attract More People With Facebook Ads

How You Can Use Facebook Advertising Objectives To Drive Traffic To Your Business

If you want to attract more people, use Brand Awareness as your campaign objective.

People Buy From Ads They Feel Connected To

A key sign that your ads resonate with your audience is when people remember them. In other words, when people have awareness of your brand. As you grow your business, you’ll want to cultivate this brand awareness so more people have your brand in mind when they’re ready to buy a product, install an app, or request for a quote.

People are more likely to purchase from brands and products they feel connected to. What brands are you pulled to?

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When Promoting Your Ads, Select The Brand Awareness Objective

Here are some factors that determine the success of your brand awareness campaign

  • Impact: You need to deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time.
  • Reach: You need to convey your message to a significant amount of your target audience.
  • Creative: You’re more likely to get better results the better your creative resonates with your target audience
  • Connection: There are some considerations about why the results of a brand campaign will vary with the existing strength of your product and brand’s equity.

The Brand Awareness objective is designed to generate a lift in ad recall using these factors. You set your target audience as well as your placements, budget, and schedule (reach), and then build your ad (creative). Next, the system works within these parameters to optimize for ad recall lift automatically (impact).  There will always be some degree of random behaviour and unpredictability when it comes to human behaviour (connection) and this affects the consumer response to your ad.